Testing, testing, one, two, three! Orton Audio is here.

Orton Audio Book

Listen to the pieces of work you love anytime, anywhere.

Audiobooks are fast becoming the cool kid of the publishing world. Readers are listening to stories on the go and we want to embrace that. The Orton team is proud to announce Orton Audio.

Orton Audio

How to add audio to your work;

1. Go to “My Work”.

Go to the my work page, where you’ll see all your previously added pieces of work. If there’s no work there, what are you waiting for? We want to read your fabulous stories, poems and scripts, and we want to listen to them too!

2. Click the options menu.

To the right of your work you’ll see ‘Options’. Click the three circles next to this to show a drop-down menu.

3. Select your voice over and upload.

Click upload voice over and select your audio file. It’s as simple as that! Your audio file must be an MP3 or ACC file.

How is best to record my audio?

From recording straight to your iPhone to using professional recording programmes we want to hear how you interpret your work. On Mac you can use QuickTime Player and if you're a Windows user you have your very own Voice Recorder app.

The future of Orton Audio

Just like how Orton will publish popular work on Orton, we’d also like to allow writers to sell their audiobooks too. This means that if readers are enjoying your audio uploads, we’ll offer you the support and space to sell the whole novel, poem anthologies, or even scripts on Orton. We’ll also be adding more audio focused features including playlists; so listeners can hear their favourite genre or writers grouped together instead of having to search for more audio stories. This will also includes collections, so that work without audio can be grouped together.

Try Orton Audio for free for a limited time.

Add audio to my work